I see each patient as if that individual was part of my family.

( about us )

TF Digital Dental Designs was established after owner, Breana Fresquez, sat chair side as a lead dental assistant for over a decade. 

Our mission  is to provide high-quality dental restorations to our doctors and their patients. We take pride in helping our clients gain their confidence back through their smile.

( about me )

As a young child, my mom was devoted in taking my siblings and I to the dentist to have our routine dental exams.

During these dental visits, you could hear me laughing as I was getting my teeth cleaned.

In early preteen years, I experienced orthodontics and became interested in dentistry. Shortly after high school, I enrolled at IntelliTec College in Grand Junction Colorado. This is where I would earn my certificate of proficiency in the dental assisting program.

I completed 120 hours of internship with Dr. Wilson and Dr. Hansen who would recognize me for my 3.93 GPA. Three months after completing my dental assisting program, I would be hired at Soft Touch Dentistry in my home town Montrose Colorado. Early in my dental career, I was introduced into the digital world of dentistry, E4D. I continued to further my education and obtained certifications in digital design, as well as the skills to stain and glaze. Throughout years of assisting, I maintained my knowledge, sharpened my craft and skill in designing.

My interest in the digital world of dentistry became an obsession and fell in love with helping others feel better about themselves through their smile. Having the years of experience sitting chair side, I understand the concerns patients have regarding their teeth. As well as the timing of their restorations. I pride myself in high-quality restorative work, I see each patient as if that individual was part of my family.

Principles in which TF Digital Dental Designs stands by are:

Communication with clients and doctors with their assistants

Manage Time Effectively and Efficently

Always be in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct

Nonjudgmental of others

Always understand and share the feelings of others